• 10K Troop Battles

  • Embrace a Massive 3D World

  • Truly Global Servers

  • Conquer Westeros

  • Build Your Castle

  • Prove Your Skills

  • Assemble Your Army



  • Mysterious Hero Shards

    X 20 Mysterious Hero Shards X 20
  • Ore 50K

    X 2 Ore 50K X 2
  • Speed up for 3 Hours

    X 20 Speed up for 3 Hours X 20
  • Grain 150K

    X 2 Grain 150K X 2

1. An email address and nickname are required to pre-register for Game of Thrones Winter is Coming. An invitation code is not required if you don’t have one.

2. Successfully pre-registering will grant you a reward, which includes the following hero and rare materials: Mysterious Hero *1, Wood 50K *2, Stone 50K *2, and Speed up for 1 Hour *2.

3. An invitation card that contains an exclusive invitation code will be generated after you successfully pre-register.

4. You can then invite your friends to pre-register by sharing the invitation card to your Facebook timeline or Twitter.

5. A player that successfully pre-registers by clicking your shared invitation card will count as one. You'll be able to obtain extra rewards (Mysterious Hero Shards *20, Ore 50K *20, Grain 150K *20 and Speed up for 3 Hours *20)after inviting THREE players to pre-register. Please note that the reward can only be claimed once per player.

6. All rewards will be sent after the game is released. Some restrictions apply.

7. Playable character will be revealed in the future. Stay tuned!

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